Venue Rental


The Sugar Mill is a unique raw space venue and all items are brought in by event, providing you with the opportunity to create your perfect event on a blank canvas. We have three rental options available:

Whole property:

Rental of the whole property includes the main floor of 25,000 square feet, a 15,000 square foot beautifully landscaped courtyard, a VIP Deck (accommodates ~50 depending on decor/seating), a large green room, and a VIP Suite consisting of two rooms that can be used together or separately depending on your needs, as well as one load-in day (calendar permitting). Utilizing the whole property gives you the ability to accommodate up to 4,500 guests depending on the type of event. Clients are even able to accommodate larger events up to 10,000 guests using adjoining properties.

Below is a video from our wonderful clients at IDSA. Recap footage of their 3 day meeting set-up illustrates how the space can be transformed. This event was curated to fulfill the needs of both a general session space and exhibit space. We creatively utilized the courtyard and our exterior private street for a one-of-a-kind lunch experience for their attendees.


Rental of this portion of the property includes the use of the 15,000 square foot courtyard laid in brick pavers and encased in high brick walls lined with confederate jasmine and greenery. This is a perfect option for smaller receptions, crawfish boils, wedding ceremonies or receptions, and product displays. The courtyard portion allows clients to accommodate up to 1,500 guests depending on the type of event. To see images of the courtyard please click here.

Branding/Signage Opportunities:

Located directly across from Hall C and D of the Convention Center where the food court and Starbucks are located, all vendors and conventioneers have ground level views of our property. You cannot find a better location for your signage, advertising, or product display. With our strategic location, it is an ideal opportunity to get your message out in the most cost-effective manner. To view examples of branding opportunities please click here.

For more information, pricing, and specific questions please contact us.